09 January 2016

snow, again.

Never thought I'd say that so casually in my lifetime!

Another snowy day - not on the 29th as models had suspected but on the 3rd of the new year!  Yes they had suspected that day as well, but two more inches were followed by a short burst of rain/ice early on the 4th.. which failed to melt for a few days!

I was able to drive into town on the 3rd, but the car could not get back up our driveway!  The combination of steep and curvy was too much for a front-drive car with a limited space to make a run at it.  I tried with and without chains over the coming days, even brought down hot water to pour in front of the tires - but it was not until late on the 6th that car and garage were reacquainted.  As of the 9th some patches remain but it's pretty much in the memory books - and the photo albums.

Not only was this a bit inconvenient, it also deferred our Christmas!  We had gifts that could not be ordered on time due to our delayed refinance, and then we were forced to await their appearance since no deliveries were possible for several days.

Strange days - pretty ones though!

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