11 January 2016

powering down the weather station

I had big plans for the weather station we have in the yard.  Upgrading the software, adding a webcam and taking it more public via W-Underground or other similar sites.  The $80 software update wasn't too bad, and I asked Santa for it.  Whether for good or ill, my wife could not make good on Santa's request.

Yes I wanted this, so why would this be bad news?  Well, about a month ago the outdoor temperature sensor died.  I could see it was cold enough to snow, but my database was filling with blanks!  Now in the past week or two the wind sensor isn't quite right; I replaced the batteries that were reported dead but with no improvement.  I rebooted temp and wind beacons without success.

This station had been at the previous house for a few years, doing random work.  Perhaps the bargain gift of ten years back just needed to be replaced..

I wandered the web & found a bargain on a complete AccuRite station.
No it's not Davis Instruments - nor is it $600 for the basic equipment so that'll do (pig).  The entire system will be new and improved - and perhaps the older sensors that still speak will be pulled into the reports?  We'll see about that, and soon; it should arrive in a couple of days.
Here's the company's site with the product.

'Apologies' for the random 'Babe' reference?

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