17 September 2018

perpetual change

After an exceptionally dry May-July we're being quite wet here in September. The skies have been many shades of grey and some impressive clouds and rainbows. Summer is nice around here but the sky sure is boring when it's always blue all day.

I've addressed the issue in the previous post.

Our weather gage was receiving a lot of late-day sun, which likely had a great deal to do with our very late high temperatures. I shifted the system further into the shade, where the sun shines only seldom - and the bell curve has definitely shifted to the correct side of 5PM for our daily highs.

Now I need to do some more tree trimming, as rain falling at a sharp angle will be blocked 
from the precipitation bucket. I think this will do a better job overall.

07 July 2018

seldom seen

We reached our high temperature after 6PM today!

These are pretty common in the winter, when the sun is useless for heating and air-mass shifts bring randomly-timed daily highs and lows. Often the summer high is after 4PM, and this case it was at the late end of normal. Once the clouds finally withdrew to the coast the fun began.

09 June 2018

the missing winter recap

Our final snow of the year arrived the morning after Easter Sunday. A good inch stuck to our deck by mid-morning before showers decreased and the early-April sun did its work. By afternoon it was a memory, other than the small slush-piles near car windshields.

We ended this season at just over 23″ of snow on our deck, so that was about half of our total from last year. The snowfall in 2015-16 lulled us to sleep (about 5 inches total) but now we know that was a sub-par year. We made an excellent play-hill of our driveway after our all-time max of about 15 inches covered the ground on 24 February - nice memories and a few aches that soon passed.

As to rainfall, another plus season is in the books. Oct-Mar rainfall was about 3" below the full-year total we should receive, and counting mid-Oct to mid-Apr we were 3" above our expected 63.7 inches. May was absurdly dry with only 0.10" but this weekend we added about an inch - so all will be well and the sprinkler can take a break.

springummer season

Spring quickly mutated toward summer this year! May had just 0.10" of rainfall. We had much more rain yesterday than all of last month - that's an odd thing to say in June! In any case the Swainson's thrush have begun to sing with much more enthusiasm now.

I've added many plants to the yard recently, thanks to my new part-time job at the Home Depot. And this week I won't even need the sprinklers! Perhaps at some point in the future they can provide us with a new roof and/or a heat-pump system..

24 May 2018

thrush day 2018!

This year's Thrush Day has been ..different.
The Swainsons Thrush had been heard on May 18th for the past two years, and this year they were out there on time - but they would not perform! We heard their 'whiip' call on the 18th and for several days afterward.

This morning the spiral call was finally heard by me! My wife heard it a few days before this while I was sleeping, but we've both heard it now.

Far more common is the black-headed grosbeak with its 'tipsy robin' call! I first made note of that last year and now that I know it isn't one of the many robins singing it's quite obvious. Strange to hear such a similar call with all its operatic variants..

07 February 2018

a New Thing for 2018

My recent switch to one.com as web and email host came with a WordPress site. 
I'll be test-driving that for a while, in the hopes of 
  1. leaving the past behind me, with all its bad habits
  2. using tags well enough to enable me to also leave behind my geek 'blog
  3. leave behind the latest Blogger interface, where I keep editing the wrong 'blog!

See you at https://geeklog.longviewers.one/ - for a while, at least!

11 January 2018

radar updates & poor timing

The heaviest rain has now arrived in Portland. Sadly KRTX is not back for it, and KLGX is sporadic. We've had nearly an inch, but it's been easier to look out the window than to check the internet. Nothing wrong with that, as long as you aren't making plans for a good time to go outside soon!

Messages from the NWS radar status page:

MESSAGE DATE:  JAN 11 2018 01:25:00

Message Date:  Jan 10 2018 23:47:03
KRTX will be operating in a degraded mode overnight, through 9am PST/ 17z Jan 11