29 January 2016

parallel tests

 -  and a new tiny desk!

I now have the new weather system set up outside, its receiver is on the left side of the monitor.  The old model with ailing sensors (no wind or outside temp data) is on the right.  The rain data is close enough to be deemed a match, so on Sunday the 1st of Feb I will reset the new one, sum up January's rain (now 6.88", slightly below normal) and see what the new system software can do.  It should be able to post to WUnderground (we're thinking Coal Creek Crest is a fine name) and the webcam on the side of the monitor can rotate for the view outside, at least for now.  Should be interesting, and fun!
The former computer desk was small but nothing like this, plus it had a stand up top for the printer.  For living-room use it was a bit jarring as a decorative statement, so having the printer in the back room is a far better option.  It's a WiFi printer after all, it can go almost anywhere.

11 January 2016

powering down the weather station

I had big plans for the weather station we have in the yard.  Upgrading the software, adding a webcam and taking it more public via W-Underground or other similar sites.  The $80 software update wasn't too bad, and I asked Santa for it.  Whether for good or ill, my wife could not make good on Santa's request.

Yes I wanted this, so why would this be bad news?  Well, about a month ago the outdoor temperature sensor died.  I could see it was cold enough to snow, but my database was filling with blanks!  Now in the past week or two the wind sensor isn't quite right; I replaced the batteries that were reported dead but with no improvement.  I rebooted temp and wind beacons without success.

This station had been at the previous house for a few years, doing random work.  Perhaps the bargain gift of ten years back just needed to be replaced..

I wandered the web & found a bargain on a complete AccuRite station.
No it's not Davis Instruments - nor is it $600 for the basic equipment so that'll do (pig).  The entire system will be new and improved - and perhaps the older sensors that still speak will be pulled into the reports?  We'll see about that, and soon; it should arrive in a couple of days.
Here's the company's site with the product.

'Apologies' for the random 'Babe' reference?

09 January 2016

snow, again.

Never thought I'd say that so casually in my lifetime!

Another snowy day - not on the 29th as models had suspected but on the 3rd of the new year!  Yes they had suspected that day as well, but two more inches were followed by a short burst of rain/ice early on the 4th.. which failed to melt for a few days!

I was able to drive into town on the 3rd, but the car could not get back up our driveway!  The combination of steep and curvy was too much for a front-drive car with a limited space to make a run at it.  I tried with and without chains over the coming days, even brought down hot water to pour in front of the tires - but it was not until late on the 6th that car and garage were reacquainted.  As of the 9th some patches remain but it's pretty much in the memory books - and the photo albums.

Not only was this a bit inconvenient, it also deferred our Christmas!  We had gifts that could not be ordered on time due to our delayed refinance, and then we were forced to await their appearance since no deliveries were possible for several days.

Strange days - pretty ones though!