29 January 2016

parallel tests

 -  and a new tiny desk!

I now have the new weather system set up outside, its receiver is on the left side of the monitor.  The old model with ailing sensors (no wind or outside temp data) is on the right.  The rain data is close enough to be deemed a match, so on Sunday the 1st of Feb I will reset the new one, sum up January's rain (now 6.88", slightly below normal) and see what the new system software can do.  It should be able to post to WUnderground (we're thinking Coal Creek Crest is a fine name) and the webcam on the side of the monitor can rotate for the view outside, at least for now.  Should be interesting, and fun!
The former computer desk was small but nothing like this, plus it had a stand up top for the printer.  For living-room use it was a bit jarring as a decorative statement, so having the printer in the back room is a far better option.  It's a WiFi printer after all, it can go almost anywhere.

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