09 February 2016

Coal Creek Crest is (finally) Reporting!

Well it took longer than it should - but I finally have the proper items in the proper places for the streaming to Weather Underground to work.  Hopefully it will experience a long and happy life of reporting the conditions here on our humble hilltop. I swear that I used to be pretty good at making computers do my bidding.. someone even paid me for it!

Today was a marvelous 61° with randomly-filtered sunshine.  I spent some time sticking crocus and iris bulbs into the ground - better late than never, I hope!  They were supposed to go in last fall, but perpetually stormy weather kept me inside and I lost track of the bulbs.

Yesterday was 59 or 60° -- yes I should know precisely, but did I mention that I was having wx-station problems? My default weather station seems to be in LaCrosse WI, so once a few more virtual wires are unscrambled I can be more certain.  Let's not rain on this parade just yet, OK?  Rain is coming in 24 hours anyway, more or less.  The last three days have been special, especially for February.

And now back to our regular, wet programming...

Update!  I finally turned off the AcuRite data feed with the LaCrosse crosse-wiring and it only feeds W.Underground - works fine that way!

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