27 December 2015

two snowy days

We've just begun to learn how challenging the forecast can be at 750 feet elevation.  I've been watching the W.Underground site try to forecast snow but it comes and goes daily, sometimes more than daily.  At one point the forecast showed some snowy periods were possible on Christmas eve, and later on the 27th and 29th of December.  The next forecast cycle it was gone, or just barely there for an hour or two.

So in the end, we had snow on Christmas Eve.  Only about an inch, and when it melted by midday on Christmas it totaled .21" which generally translates to less than two inches of snow.  Since it was on and off it would melt a bit between showers, so making a full inch was a challenge.

Then came the 27th.  It snowed from just after sunup to late afternoon, sometimes heavily.  It tried to switch over a time or two, but snowflakes resumed each time as a new shower pulled down colder air from above.  Our deck shows 2½ inches, more or less, but the yard shows plenty of grass so the wetter soils kept accumulations down compared to the faster-drying wood deck.
Portland had snow showers mixing in but apparently it didn't add up to anything.

So what about the 29th?  Shows all rain on their graphics, yet 34° implies we're right on the line again.  And now instead they've put some snow on the 3rd of January after a few dry days!  Total precip on the 3rd is pretty low so only a dusting would come about.  But as we're already seeing, it's all subject to change...

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