07 December 2015

it's a L - O - N - G story

Once upon a time -

more exactly in early September 2013 - we decided to sell our Portland home and find something a bit more austere. Portland is a fine city but not the cheapest place to live, and medical bills were filling up the debt accounts faster than we could pay them down. I had retired earlier in the year so the work commute was not an issue.

We were unable to empty the house, sell it and move out until July 2014. We got a nice price for our home, and the proceeds would buy us a typical home elsewhere with excess funds able to remove nearly all our debt. Unfortunately for us, we did not find a 'typical' home to bid on, as it was unavailable for conventional financing. We privately offered a larger down payment and monthly payments that were as high as Portland in order to get it - thereby getting a great residence but minimal debt relief from the move.

This past August - thirteen months later & further in debt - we were able to have work done and secure evidence that our manufactured home was eligible for a more conventional loan.  At long last those debts would be gone.  Our home payment would be similar to Portland's but on a shorter-term mortgage: hooray!!

Three months later, after several fees and permits and inspections, the day has come.  And just before the signing CenturyLink chose to smear our credit report with an unpaid balance, so up went our interest rate. We sent them a note to stop our Portland phone service in July 2013; they closed it on 12/26 and demanded we pay those five months for a service we could not use and did not ask for. . .
Guess we showed them?

So the refinance papers will be signed today, several debts will disappear and a bit of cash will reach us to clear up other accounts. It will be a good feeling. It's a feeling that we had hoped to feel about TWO YEARS ago - but we shall enjoy it the more for the extra effort. Assuming those efforts do not hospitalize either of us, it will most definitely be worth it!
We're pretty sure about that.

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