13 December 2015

another winning month

It's only the 13th of December but we are already above the PRISM climatological normal for December!  It would be hard to keep up this pace for the entire month but wet (thouch cooler!) weather remains in the forecast.  Portland is at 9.57 vs. 2.27 normal through the 12th - so records could and should fall for the past few months.  My in-laws have a leak in their roof, and it's clear that this house needs improvements to its rainwater plumbing: the roof overhangs the gutters too much, and one downspout just dumps onto the driveway where it can go almost anywhere but generally ponds by the garage.  I installed a rain barrel to hold some back, but it takes only 1/2" of rain to overflow it, and my siphon hose.

The November and December numbers are conservative due to weather-system resets.  I didn't notice that resetting the system resets the totals as well as reconnecting parts of the system once their batteries are replaced!  I believe a system total might lurk in the database that I can use to improve the numbers in blue.  I know that November was not 0.02" too low - both months had at least a quarter inch lost to resets.

I spent the early afternoon (after another .42") with the outdoor broom, sweeping wet leaves and large puddles away from the garage and driveway side of the house.  I also swept out the driveway below the cedar tree, which had accumulated over a quarter inch of cedar debris that held water and made the drive more slick than it needed to be.  Nice to step outside and do something for a while!  And if the rain holds off another hour or so, I may even light up some Christmas lights on our semi-useful gutters.

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