02 January 2015

the Stick

I first saw the Stick just before Christmas.  Perhaps a recent rain washed it down to the road, maybe it fell off a car roof; in any case it was lying alongside the road partway up the hill to our home.  It was quite distinctive - no bark, pale white and a bit twisted.  I decided it was there for me, so I was trying to figure on a good way to get that Stick.  The road by the Stick is equally twisty, so a hasty stop with 4way flashers was not advisable!  Fortunately a turnout was nearby so today I had enough daylight to park & safely walk back to where the Stick patiently waited.

The Stick was longer and heftier than I suspected, but I picked it up and jogged back to the car.  It did not quite fit so I had to tie down the tailgate while the Stick jutted out the back.  Once home I took its picture and leaned it against the house.  What a fine Stick I have!

What's next for the Stick?  I am not sure.  I could whittle it down to a walking-Stick or use it as part of a Significant Construction.  Or it could just prop up vegetables in this year's garden.  Something tells me that Stick is destined to be special though.  We shall see! :-)

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