25 January 2015

Reports from the weather service

Another no-snow birthday.  It seems my day is forever doomed to be in the warm sector between cold fronts!  I can recall wet snow in ¿1969? and a few flurries in 2009, otherwise warm and/or wet.  If '69 is correct then both times it followed after the two snowiest Decembers in my life, spaced precisely forty years apart.  Curious!

Record high temperature set for January 24 at multiple locations ... 
Location 2015 high temp old record (year) 
Troutdale 63 degrees 61 degrees (1984) 
Salem.... 64 degrees 64 degrees (1935) tied 
Eugene... 68 degrees 65 degrees (1935)
Portland 1 degree off record at 59°

Today is nearly 60° in the valleys, closer to 70 along the coast but merely clear and 56 here on the hill-top.  It was still enough to step out and do some yard work, so I'll ache tomorrow!

Late in the day about 200 crows crossed the sky - now that's a murder!

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