06 January 2015

nearly famous!

As I mentioned previously, I'm now a spotter for the National Weather Service.  When exceptional weather strikes our site, I can call in and let them know; this helps to improve models & warnings so it's a good thing.  My report of 4.02" appears in one of their summary reports that went public, much to my surprise!  We had about 2.2" after noon on the 3rd then 1.8" after midnight on Sunday the 4th.

I'm pretty sure that's a personal record for rainfall upon my roof or head, as I don't believe that Portland has had 3 inches or more in 24 hours. I might be wrong though!  I did get 2½" once in Chattanooga TN in early 1996 as I recall, that was a good day to be indoors!  Oaxaca Mexico, Askeaton Ireland.. nope.  I recall one wet day in England, 9/14/01 I believe (yes the week of the 9/11 attacks), but nothing like this downpour.

The price must be paid for such moisture: floods have taken out the beach road from here, and landslides could still happen as the soil drains.  The largest demonstration is in the thick fog that now fills the lowlands; I drove out of it with only a hundred feet of uphill travel but it's impressively dense in town.

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