18 January 2015

a more typical storm

Last night's storm dropped nearly two inches of rain, putting our Penultimate Homely House at 7 1/3 inches for January.  A few small slumps appeared on our commute road with the last 4-inch storm, but nothing shows any issues from this storm - though sometimes it takes a day or two to drain before hillsides finally succumb to gravity and H²O lubrication.  Portland had almost the same amount of rain as we did here, so this time the storm covered both sites!

Between the storms we were able to view comet Lovejoy C/2104 Q2 - see some amazing images at this site.  I took a few images from our deck where the comet was visible without need of optical aid, but binoculars were even better.  No sign of the tail in my quick images or through even the large binocs, but it was fine to see this visitor as it passed.  I also took in the Pleiades, M35 and Orion's great nebula before deciding I was substantially under-dressed, and Lórien and I went back inside.

Here's my basic image.  The fuzziness is from cirrus clouds covering the lower-left part of the image.  Taken with the nx300 and 30mm f/2.

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