06 March 2015

yardwork and rework

A low wall of railroad ties struck me as a bit odd ever since our first visit, seeing as it was one tie taller than necessary.  This week I removed the top row and repurposed them: the shorter one is now a step below the wall while the longer one is a new retaining-wall elsewhere in the yard!

The larger task is the high deck.  I realigned the support posts so that the west side is fully enclosed, and now one post stops at a fine place for the deck to drop 18-30 inches (more? Less?) so it can be accessed from the yard.  While it will be easy enough to cut the floorboards, I expect the support structure will be a bit more resistant to my efforts.. :√)

And then it's on to something I have not done in ages..more precisely 1970 or earlier.  That was the year Portland redrew its borders and we became city folk, and suddenly our fire barrel was illegal.  Plenty of debris fires out here in the sticks!  I already have a decent collection of boughs and branches, but one more contribution awaits, courtesy of our SuperCedar.  I need to trim up its branches six feet or more to allow more light for grapes and to improve our view to the east.  I have yet to bring the chainsaw to life but these branches will fall to the bow saw if need be.  The result will be a larger burn pile, a more spacious feel to the yard.. and plenty of upper-body aches!

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