18 March 2015

mid-March yard updates

In keeping with our vaguely Middle-Earth patterns, I planted a small holly shoot on each side of the driveway near its end; if you've been to the East-gates of Eregion you understand.. yes of course.  Two more grape vines are in as well, the Himrod and Gew├╝rtztraminer - so two each red and white are now in the ground for our future enjoyment.  Large posts can wait a few months before going up, at which point we shall see just how good or bad my estimated rhombus has turned out!  The plantings required that another rhododendron shift off the slope; this one came up to the crest and joins another at the foot of our most prominent maple-tree.

Another railroad tie from the too-tall wall has gone west to join the first one, so we have two fine low walls where once stood just one.  Cheap thrills from recycling!

We also picked up a 12-foot extendable pruning saw, with which I took out the remaining couple of low-hanging branches on the Super Cedar.  Whatever comes of our volcanic views, that tree will no longer be the reason for it.

It's nearly time to mow, but thankfully another storm is coming soon.  No point in cutting such a wet yard, so it can wait a bit longer.  Whew!

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