21 September 2016

curious weather

An odd late-summer weather pattern arrived with a closed low sinking south along the coast. The result has been nice weather for the most part around Portland - yet each of the past two days had impressive cumulonimbus clouds pop up around Longview! The weather is only in the low-mid 70s so it's neither a tropical surge nor a frontal passage, just pop-up cumulus with enough instability to gain anvil-top status!

I only had the phone handy today so images are merely acceptable; these were impressive clouds for this region.

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn so fog will now be expected far more than thunder-clouds. The weather dumped over an inch on us last weekend, but the new roof that sits over our back door held up well with no leaks. Considering it received no special treatment other than its fence-slat weatherproofing, I was quite surprised. I now have a weather sealant to apply: once the next storm passes we could reach 80° one last time, so both the deck and the new side-roof will get some attention.

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