16 September 2016

battening down!

The first tropical connection of the season arrives tomorrow, with ½ to one inch of rain expected.
Several yard tasks wanted doing beforehand, but I could only manage a few of them today:
  • Deck staining - deferred. I had hopes but was too tired to pull that one off since pre-sanding will be needed.
  • A/C removal from window - done! Hopefully next year a heat pump will do that dirty work.
  • Small roof over front/back door - done! Now to see how my rough draft survives a good dousing..
  • One last lawn mowing - partly done. The flat area is taken care of, the slopes will be fine without it.
  • Rain channels over the spa - done! They are still not locked down though, so more needs doing.
So with that the age of heat ends. Forecasts for next week are in the 60s, and by late September any heat wave will be isolated and brief. Shadows now cover our driveway after 10AM so the asphalt will not contribute to overheating the house - and afternoons are especially shady here. The equinox is nigh!

Bad news - the Explorer 'truck' is making a racket in the engine compartment, one that I cannot pin down. That will defer any firewood for a bit, and hopefully not mess with the budget too badly.

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