28 June 2016

- and a few more niceties

We finally saw a counter-depth refrigerator fall to our price point, so that should arrive Thursday. Our current 'fridge came with the house - and it runs all the time! No not quite, but we notice when it's off because it's quite rare.  A modern device (with a door-ajar alarm) will definitely improve matters.

Also coming Thursday are a new washer and dryer. They will bolt together and thereby free up a lot of space in the laundry zone. Some days our clothes come out looking less clean than when they went in - this should cure that for a long time to come.

All three are Samsung products.
We received a call from them asking to be sure items will fit through our doorways, then asked if I had any questions. I asked why the NX camera series is no longer supported, probably not an expected comment.  It has to be asked though; I would embrace the NX300/500 series if I believed other lenses were coming, but no comment from Samsung and no signs of life in the NX system.  They do now have refrigerators with cameras inside - sorry, not quite.

postscript - never mind, then. I visited the Samsung website and their Products tab shows no cameras whatsoever. Appliances, phones with cameras, and IT solutions - no consumer electronics, cameras or NX by any name.  How sad.

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