20 November 2015

watch that last step!

We are on the final leg of the home-refinance journey: county inspections!

No matter how close it appears we are to finishing the process, something silly steps in to slow things down.  Yesterday I signed papers on the final county documents, received permit #s and a phone number to call after 7:30AM for scheduling.  Today I called about 8:00 - and the message says requests made "BEFORE 7:30" will be processed the same day.

How did I confuse that small but vital before/after word?  Who knows - but now it's up to their schedule and not mine to determine if today is The Day.  We hate to have this try to finish up the week of Thanksgiving when families gather (and sales events drive them apart) but that could be what happens.

Pretty sunrise though - and our first frost of the year.

Hooray we passed! 

 Final payouts to process, papers to sign, turkey to eat..

16 November 2015

More weather fun

Another atmospheric river is striking today.  It has a shorter fetch, back to the dateline not Taiwan!
The local area handled the last one fine so no major issues  - though it should be noted that two trees fell across our only route to civilization last weekend.  Good thing it's a popular route, as our electric chainsaw draws more power than our car can supply.. I guess the pruning saw should hang out in the car for non-Christmas-tree cutting?

Speaking of Christmas, our first snow forecast is now showing up in the 10-day forecast.  Unlikely at day 8.. but not impossible!  I feel like early-season snowfall is more common in el NiƱo conditions, before winter and its common split-flow pattern rears its ugly graphics and the moisture heads elsewhere.  So far so good though, and the weekend snowpack needs to absorb just 24 hours of rainfall before it gets cold again.. we'll see how it goes.  I would not be surprised if some sites already have as much snow as they had all of last winter!  Yes, 2014/15 was that bad.

Update - warm air retreats soon!

I drove into town and got hammered by some seriously strong rain.  Out here it's been almost 1/2" per hour for quite some time, resulting in 9½" in (th fr sa su mo) FIVE DAYS.  And it's still raining hard - but the cold front seems to be on the radar now.  It's broken into several pieces, something we never saw before the KLGX radar came into play.  Nice!
Note winds from the west and NW behind those fine gold bars, mostly south from Centralia south to Astoria.

And here's our gage update.  Whoops it went to 4.1" before I finished the post, 2.82" today and 9.58 this week.

16:30 - we're Winning the War on Weather!

Look at this - a mere 1/2 inch for the wettest day?  Mission Accomplished!

And that was indeed the cold front - it arrived ~15:50 with strong WNW winds breaking limbs and rattling someone else's tin roof nearby.  Our roofs held, but the new woodpile cover almost took flight; I wrestled a framework of steel pipe back into place but left no gap for the wind to lift.  I also put up the tarps, and one was down within about a minute.. so let's leave well enough alone, shall we?

The last hour saw a miserly 0.12" for grand totals of 3.02 since midnight, 9.78 for the week.  Not the month, as I had to reboot my weather system just before the Thursday 11/11 storm - so well over 10 inches for November.  Hey, two wet months in a row - another win!

 p.s. Oh looky here - forecast is still trying
to bring in a pinch of snow next week..

Final report.
As of about 5pm today we crossed the 10-inch line for the week.  From about noon last Thursday to 4pm Wednesday my gage counted 10.03".  Another half inch is expected before noon tomorrow.

15 November 2015

Cat Negotiations continue

Duncan and Zuzu continue to sort out their positions in the new world order.  Slowly but Shirley things are styling in!  She's almost touching him, and his tail randomly slaps her face; isn't that nice?

Regional rinse

From NWS Portland Facebook page.. we stopped at ~ 5.3"!

13 November 2015

Hooray for November!

Another heavy soaking for the 12-14th keeps our November typically wet - perhaps more so! As of now (8PM on the 13th) we've had about 3½" with this storm that began around noon yesterday.  Thursday 1.04, today 2.44 - and tomorrow?  Another inch or more as the cold front clears the area.. for a few days of mere showers.  We were in Portland for much of today, on the south side of the dumping; they had 60° and a trace, with a tenth of an inch yesterday.  Their turn will come, yes precious!

Apparently W.Underground site was being reasonable and cautious.. and therefore substantially low. 
Maybe Saturday and Monday are high enough?

smaller of our two NW Salamanders, covered
in white goo somewhat similar to the eggs

The good news is that the woodpile is now emplaced under a fine fiberglass roof that is bolted to the metal super-shed.  In a curious matter, while moving the wood to its new home I uncovered two Northwestern Salamanders, a type I had not met before.  These critters are dark brown with grey bellies, far different from the rough-skinned newts and their orange bellies that I've known all my life.   

I also uncovered a host of white eggs, (which for salamanders should not be in gravel but underwater). I left some pieces of wood over the eggs and a tarp covering the area.  Whatever the eggs may become, I felt they should have a decent amount of protection after my efforts deprived them of their shelter!

Perhaps I can remember to make a weekly visit to see what hatches..

03 November 2015

Typically damp

The last post sounds amusing now, after the Halloween weekend came with 3.8" of rain in 48 hours! Over 2.2 inches with the warm front and 1.5 more on the 31st.  The October total of 6.35 was our first wet (above average) month in a long time. The deluge knocked down a bunch of leaves and my impromptu firewood shelter; that portion of our wood will need a while to dry, and I haven't yet dared to look at the other weakly-protected pile.  Time to make a real shelter, and soon!