20 November 2015

watch that last step!

We are on the final leg of the home-refinance journey: county inspections!

No matter how close it appears we are to finishing the process, something silly steps in to slow things down.  Yesterday I signed papers on the final county documents, received permit #s and a phone number to call after 7:30AM for scheduling.  Today I called about 8:00 - and the message says requests made "BEFORE 7:30" will be processed the same day.

How did I confuse that small but vital before/after word?  Who knows - but now it's up to their schedule and not mine to determine if today is The Day.  We hate to have this try to finish up the week of Thanksgiving when families gather (and sales events drive them apart) but that could be what happens.

Pretty sunrise though - and our first frost of the year.

Hooray we passed! 

 Final payouts to process, papers to sign, turkey to eat..

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