13 November 2015

Hooray for November!

Another heavy soaking for the 12-14th keeps our November typically wet - perhaps more so! As of now (8PM on the 13th) we've had about 3½" with this storm that began around noon yesterday.  Thursday 1.04, today 2.44 - and tomorrow?  Another inch or more as the cold front clears the area.. for a few days of mere showers.  We were in Portland for much of today, on the south side of the dumping; they had 60° and a trace, with a tenth of an inch yesterday.  Their turn will come, yes precious!

Apparently W.Underground site was being reasonable and cautious.. and therefore substantially low. 
Maybe Saturday and Monday are high enough?

smaller of our two NW Salamanders, covered
in white goo somewhat similar to the eggs

The good news is that the woodpile is now emplaced under a fine fiberglass roof that is bolted to the metal super-shed.  In a curious matter, while moving the wood to its new home I uncovered two Northwestern Salamanders, a type I had not met before.  These critters are dark brown with grey bellies, far different from the rough-skinned newts and their orange bellies that I've known all my life.   

I also uncovered a host of white eggs, (which for salamanders should not be in gravel but underwater). I left some pieces of wood over the eggs and a tarp covering the area.  Whatever the eggs may become, I felt they should have a decent amount of protection after my efforts deprived them of their shelter!

Perhaps I can remember to make a weekly visit to see what hatches..

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