17 February 2015

the Grapings commence

We have decided to grow some grapes.  Some to eat, some to drink, maybe a few to ferment as well!  I thought of this soon after our first visit here, as the property has a fine slope to it.  It actually slopes east which may not be ideal, but the morning sun hammers it in the summer and less directly later in the day as well - so hopefully this will do.

I consulted with a local nursery and got some good advice.  Concord grapes have not been happy around here but Canadice is similar, hardier & has a more reddish hue; two of those went in the ground today.  The white seedless is still not settled but a longtime favorite will do for wine - Gewürztraminer, as fun to say as it is to drink :-!

The white varieties have not reached the area yet, so those will wait until the weekend.  It will be fun to dine and sip our own fresh juice, and if a few gallons of the Homely White turn out that's icing on the cake.

Time to get busy!!

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