14 May 2016

it's marine-push season.. already?

We've experienced a few heat waves in April and May, and yesterday was a classic marine-push day.  We were just over 80° around lunchtime, and well before dinner it was 55° with breezy west winds threatening to remove items from our deck!  We added a nice parasol to our outdoor table this past week, so we need to watch for signs of windy times so it can be retracted; we did just fine this time, but it's early yet..

On the wildlife front we still await a clear signal from any Swainsons Thrushes in the area. Butterflies are here in abundance right now, the frogs are finally winding down, and both swifts and towhees have been seen. We could not recall if the thrushes appeared around May 1st or June 1st last year, and of course this is only our second spring at this address so times will definitely vary!  We had hoped the warm spells would bring them up the hill a bit early, but that has not happened..

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