26 October 2015

be careful about wishes

Well that was seasonal weather: 0.95" of rain in the last 24 hours!  That doubled the October total, and more should be along midweek.  A fresh south wind was blowing maple leaves off the hill-top, we watched them drift for 20 seconds or so before reaching us 35 feet below the crest.  Leaves drifting, seeds spiraling and a bit of sun between showers - but after dark came a decent deluge.

Indoor weather has been interesting as well.  Duncan and Zuzu met and the territorial wars have been civil but present.  Zuzu hisses at Duncan and he falls back; he has been impressively patient for the most part.  Still, he clawed at the rug a few times to vent before remembering the scratching post!  Hopefully they will find a peaceful solution and start chasing playing & napping together.  Time will inevitably tell.

Update 10/27 - and then we have this:
Generally speaking, W.Underground has been high with its precip forecasts.. but the NWS
Fri-Sat chart shows several 5-inch totals in the high hills.  This could be a correct call!

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