26 May 2015

early harvest!

I have devoted my limited yard-time to getting plants in the ground rather than vegetables.  Our wood wall now has heather, dianthus, a greber daisy, a couple of planter-pots and a shoot from my parents' City of Auckland rose lined up.  If the deer leave them alone it will be a nice line-up!

In the meantime, the mini-garden planted against the house has sprouted in spite of my negligence.  The spinach is going wild in this spot, and I surprised Lórien with our first pea-pod yesterday!  Several more await our attention.  The strawberries are flowering and no peppers on the pepper-plant, but once the sun returns after our two-week grey spell things will really start up.  Hopefully I can get the raised beds bolted down and filled with soil, a few other vegetables would be nice to add to our small collection.

My father died a month ago today - the transition has been strange but nearly all of us will go through this part of our parents' life.  He was a constant part of my life for over 58 years, which is nothing compared to Mom's 70+ years of marriage; it's still a shock that he won't be chatting on the phone or sitting in his chair.

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