21 November 2014

back to typical late-autumn weather

After several days where the low-angled sun did not reach our frost-bitten driveway we are now back to temps in the 40s and light rain.  The frozen windshield did prompt me to open more space in the large 'garage' so the car now fits indoors when conditions require it.  Both garages are a fair walk from the house so I chose the one with an opener over the nearer one with the heavy door that must be opened manually!

After discovering Reset buttons on some of the equipment, I have a fully-functioning weather system on the property.  The wind gage was not working during the strongest easterly winds but now it's up and spinning data to the base, and the replacement rain gage now works for the first time ever.  Here's a drippy shot of the anemometer with winds at zero and thick drizzle..

Now to learn if I can get any of it published to my website!  And where to stick a weather cam around here.

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