22 November 2016

now that's a front!

Just short of Thanksgiving we have colder air coming. Nothing white at 800 feet, but plenty above 3000' for the next several days. The cold front has now passed, and a chilly trough awaits. Thick clouds and short days make for a great gloom settling in for a while.

Some gusty winds may visit as well, and definite storminess for the coast! It's really time to get our 4wd vehicle ready for use, as the small Fiat will be of no use in a few inches of snow. Not this week or this month, but who's to say what the winter will bring us?

03 November 2016

The October rainfall total is..


Big though!

Strangely, our weather station reports both daily values and monthly accumulation - and they do not agree. October total shows 20.21" which is amazing, but the daily totals sum to 18.9 inches. Either number is over 3x the 30-year average of 5.5", so it was a very wet month! Octobers in this region are often beautiful for a week or two, but not this year; weekends in particular were stormy, and intervals between storms few.

I have seen previous months were off a bit but this month was so damp that the discrepancy was notable.