19 April 2015

almost a guest room

We were able to buy a new bed this past week, and the old bed & new headboard are now in the guest room.  For the first time Ever, a guest room with a bed!  

Let's not get crazy about this, much more needs to happen to this room - but it's a nice start.

That same day we stopped at Greg's Gardens and picked up several seed packets for the new garden.  Yet again we must caution that nothing is nearly garden-like about the piece of land where these seeds will go - but again, it's a start.  The warm week is coming to an end soon, but seasonal temperatures will do just fine for getting a garden in place.

09 April 2015

first mowing

While the high hills have starved for snowpack, the western side of those hills has received close to normal amounts of rainfall.  The last few weeks have been cool and wet, so today I went at the lawn once the afternoon sun had done some work.  Five bags later the main yard is perhaps 75% done, so six bags might do it.  Shorter grass would suggest fewer bags in the future of course!  The slope of grapes and rhododendron can be ignored for now, but the area south of the driveway will likely be three more bags.  That's what we get for owning a decent amount of rural land.. not a complaint merely an observation! :-)